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Letter from Lydia Hoelscher to LeRoy Neiman


A letter to LeRoy Neiman from his mother, Lydia Hoelscher in Saint Paul, Minnesota.


Lydia Hoelscher


LeRoy Neiman Foundation


LeRoy Neiman Foundation


March 5, 1978


Lydia Hoelscher


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Sunday, Marc. 5th P.M. (1978)
Dearest LeRoy + Janet; -- First of all I am more than sorry I couldn’t come with the Baskfield’s to see you, but I was grounded sick, so I layed [laid] here thinking of you, it would have been so much fun, and good company to go with, I just talked to Brent and they really enjoyed the stay with you, he is really crazy about the painting you did, hope I can see it someday, but to [too] bad he had car trouble, poor (car) sitting on the highway, he went and got it to-day, they really was [were] happy about the painting and nice lunch Janet fixed so they come [came] back two very happy people, only I guess his car made him unhappy, how its my turn to say thank you for making them happy, he loved your place and everything, hope soon I can see the painting you did of him, he said after he got it framed he’d see that I could see it.
I hope by tomorrow I’ll be able to do my laundry, I have 3 weeks of clothes to wash, right now I am listening to a opera on the radio, beautiful singing, how I’d love to go to a [an] opera again, this has been an awful winter for me, my Arthritis sure don’t like the cold and snow we are having and its really been cold, and there is at least 4 more weeks of it. I tell you the Baskfield’s really enjoy themselves at your place and as happy as (a) child is about a new toy of his panting. and Florence is a nice person, and you should see these two little boys of his, they always remind (me) of you and Earl at that age. but soon they will grow up and are gone. but there is always wonderful memories, no matter where they go. /
I don’t know if I told you that Ben is in the hospital had a stroke, but is getting better, but wonder if he will be able to drive the car or live by himself when he gets out of the hospital, so I have no driver to take me shopping, and do things for me. so I don’t really know yet how I’ll be able to manage everything, on top of my own troubles, sure will be glad when spring comes along. at least I can go out.
Well guess this is it for now, wonder how I’d get it in the mail, hope the mail man stops at my place to-morrow and picks it up.
Takes care, God bless and guide you in all your doings, all my love to you both.

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Blue ballpoint pen on paper.




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