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Letter from Lydia Hoelscher to LeRoy Neiman


A letter to LeRoy Neiman from his mother, Lydia Hoelscher in Saint Paul, Minnesota.


Lydia Hoelscher


LeRoy Neiman Foundation


LeRoy Neiman Foundation


December 26, 1972


Lydia Hoelscher


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New York (N.Y.) New York

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Dec. 26th A.M.
Dearest LeRoy + Janet; --
Well its all over, not only Christmas, but old Truman is also done, that all you hear on the radio, not that I am not sorry but its better for him. I was thinking of you all day yesterday, picturing you at Great Gorge, that lovely place. but I had a pretty good day, all in all, of course I went to mass, then the young couple next door ask[ed] me over, you know their little girl Jeni is very close to me, of course she is growing up is 11 years old now, so we had a turkey dinner and different kind of drinks, which I didn’t drink to [too] much of as it seems now days they don’t (like) me, my stomach don’t feel good the day after, they have a tree and everything that goes with Christmas and chicken, so was not alone after all, I guess they kind of feel sorry for me, and we talked about you of course, and your work, they hope to see you someday. I am writing this letter on the stationary I got from Marlys at least she took care of it, and I don’t know why she sent me two boxes, and that was all, but I know how it was for her and all excited about going to be with Earl, I hope they had a (good) Christmas, being to-gether meant a great deal to him, the last letter I had from Earl he didn’t really know what they were going to do, he hoped to be by themselves didn’t want to go to their friends house, with kids and all, when I talked to you on the phone, I forgot to thank you for the check, it was wonderful. /
and the home made card that you [and] Janet made, thank you from my heart you are so good and kind to me, I don’t know yet how I’ll spend it. I get so excited when you call I always forget what to say, its so wonderful to hear you[r] voice, how we have New Years coming up and I am sure I will not take part of the wild life, I’ll go to mass maybe stay up long enough to hear the bells, but when a person is all alone its hard to stay up that long. and the real meaning of it, is not the choice that half drunk people make, so I’ll start the New Year the [quiet] way.
But yesterday I kept thinking of you, and all the other Christmas in the past, there has been some happy ones. I hope the toaster will be of some use one place or the other, I keep thinking of your house at Great Gorge what a place to have a family Christmas in, some day you will have it. I hope, everything is there to work with. I am day dreaming for you.
so now I’ll wait to hear from you from Chicago and I wish you luck and Happiness for the New Year this should get to you buy Sat. and you will be back in N.Y. will be thinking of and praying for you as always.
God bless and guide you in all your doings:
all my love to both of you.

The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance, the wise man grows it under his feet.

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Blue ballpoint pen on paper.




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