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This note from LeRoy Neiman features a study of giraffes. Although the date is unknown, the record was most likely made on, or in reference to, one of the artist’s many safaris.

This note from LeRoy Neiman provides a brief overview of the artist’s biography and career. The document divides his life into themes—ranging from receiving the GI Bill to moving to New York—grounded in chronology. Given the stylistic bend and…

This note from LeRoy Neiman touches on the artist’s artistic process. Knitting together his work for Playboy, likeness for travel and leisure culture, as well as the causal compulsiveness with which he makes his work, Neiman provides a generalizing…

This note from LeRoy Neiman addresses the tension between his public and critical reception. The writing opens with a statement of confusion (i.e. “My popularity with the public didn’t help these taste makers?), followed by a nod to his widening of…

A note from LeRoy Neiman to his mother, Lydia Hoelscher; the letter was written on a promotional flier for the artist's exhibition at Galerie Renée & Victor and mailed from Stockholm, Sweden, where the gallery was located.
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