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This note from LeRoy Neiman provides a brief chronology of TV appearances the artist made during his career. The narrative delineated begins with ABC’s (i.e. Roone Arledge’s) observation of the artist documenting the Fischer-Spassy chess game in 1972…

This note from LeRoy Neiman weaves between an abbreviated assessment of pedagogy and an anecdotal musing on boxing. Although the juxtaposition was most likely not made in an effort to draw comparison, a clear congruity between the two emerges around…

This note from LeRoy Neiman is divided into two sections: first, a commentary on the artist’s style, and second, an anecdotal account of the artists’s public reception and popularity. With regards to the former, the document touches on everything…

A personal note from LeRoy Neiman on his artistic style and influence.

A personal note from LeRoy Neiman on the intersection between his art and television.
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