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These two press pass for 1989 Super Bowl XXIII, featuring the Cincinnati Bengals verses the San Francisco 49ers at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida, granted LeRoy Neiman and a companion photojournalistic privileges. These rights are…

This press pass for 1987 Super Bowl XXI, featuring the Denver Broncos verses New York Giants at the Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena, California, granted LeRoy Neiman photojournalistic privileges. These rights are stipulated on reverse.

This press pass for the NY Mets Baseball Club was issued to LeRoy Neiman, representing The National Enquirer; the card granted the artist access to Shea Stadium's field and dugout. Beyond these practicalities, the permit features a signature from the…

A note from LeRoy Neiman to his mother, Lydia Hoelscher; Neiman sent the postcard from Paris.

This pass for the 1984 Winter Olympic Games in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia, denotes LeRoy Neiman's position on the United States' Olympic Committee. These games were the first Winter Olympics hosted in communist state and the second Olympics overall. (The…

This pass, allowing the artist on set for the 1985 filming of Rocky IV in Las Vegas, Nevada, was given to LeRoy Neiman for his cameo in the movie; Neiman appeared as a Ring Announcer. In addition, the artist-a friend of Sylvester Stallone-was…


This pass for the Can-Am 1970 auto race at Circuit Mont-Tremblant / Saint Jovite in Quebec, Canada, granted LeRoy Neiman photojournalistic privileges. Mont-Tremblant and Saint Jovite, were towns in Quebec, Canada, amalgamated as Mont-Tremblant in…

A personal note from LeRoy Neiman on his artistic style and influence.

This note from LeRoy Neiman provides a selection of critical events and persons from the mid-1960s through early 1970s. In addition to this list, the artist has provided a personal commentary, communicating his distance to these very topics. Neiman…

This note from LeRoy Neiman gives an overview of Central Park, in particular Bethesda Terrace. Neiman made multiple works depicting the location, including a print and poster which was widely distributed. The note is one of a series the artist wrote…
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