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This note, with its poetic verse and range of refererences detailing LeRoy Neiman's interest in sports art, audience, and variable brushstrokes, is most likely an intital draft of the artist's catalogue essay for his monograph Winners: My Thrity…

This personal note from LeRoy Neiman lists a range of the artist's references, including Armenian artist Jennie Augusta Brownscombe's Thanksgiving at Plymouth (1925). That said, it is unclear what Neiman is pointing to with the phrase, "Painting…

This note, an abridged collection of LeRoy Neiman's awards, artworks, and commissions (sports-related and otherwise), is most likely draft of the artist's CV. (The document could also be initial notes for Neiman's memoir, All Told.) Among the items…

This personal note from LeRoy Neiman expands on the anecdotal histories behind a range of commissions, including New York businessman Irving Felt purchasing a work of Madison Square Garden featuring mobster Frankie Carbo, Hollywood kingpin Darryl…

This personal note from LeRoy Neiman provides an anecdotal account of the artist's trip from Palm Springs to Oklahoma City via private jet with comedian Red Skeleton, during which the artist completed a series of drawings featuring the entertainer.…

This petite note, with its lyrical tone, discloses the more poetic valences of LeRoy Neiman's thoughts on art. Although the record's original intention is not known, the document was most likely personal in nature.

This note from LeRoy Neiman details artistic reference, specifically Egyptian festivities, Byzantine mosaics, and Roman ruins. The record's function is not known.

This personal note from LeRoy Neiman ruminates on the artist's process. Citing German perceptual psychologist Rudolf Arnheim's 1954 publication Art and Visual Perception: A Psychology of the Creative Eye alongside his own methodolgy, the artist seeks…

This note from LeRoy Neiman comments on his artistic process, specifically with regards to painting. The record is most likely personal by nature.

A personal note from LeRoy Neiman on a selection of artistic references, specifically painters.
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