LeRoy Neiman, Notes on Food

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LeRoy Neiman, Notes on Food


This collection features LeRoy Neiman’s notes on food.


This series of notes from LeRoy Neiman provides insight into the artist’s interest in food and haute cuisine. Although Neiman is largely known for his works depicting sports events and celebrities, the artist had a more general interest in leisure culture. This interest, although apparent in a range of Neiman's artworks and writing, proves somewhat elevated in this collection, in addition to the relevant artworks. That said, this collection of notes on food were not produced in conjunction with Neiman's artworks on the same subject. Instead, these documents were made in preparation for the artist’s memoir, All Told (like the majority of the artist’s writings held in posterity). Thus, the notes should be read more as an exercise in refining an outlook in retrospect than part of an artistic process.


LeRoy Neiman


Regarding provenance, the documents originate from Neiman's personal estate, largely found in Neiman's in-home office at Hotel Des Artist on the Upper West Side in New York, New York; Neiman amassed the bulk of materials late career. For further information on source, please contact the archivist at the LeRoy Neiman Foundation.


LeRoy Neiman Foundation


c. 1980-2011


LeRoy Neiman


Property of the LeRoy Neiman Foundation; please consult the organization's archivist for further details.


LeRoy Neiman's personal notes








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Note on Food
This note from LeRoy Neiman provides a set of images, thinking about food and food culture. Although the writing appears to be composed of almost purely fragmentary statements, such as “gulp and gorge”, it proves part of a larger project of crafting…

Note on Food
This not from LeRoy Neiman theorizes the connection between so-called art and “food as an art form”. The winding writing then proceeds to compare cooking and (largely fine) dining to at set of what might be thought of more conventionally as cultural…

Note on Food
This note from LeRoy Neiman provides an a pictorial description of a fragmented set of images from haute cuisine. Despite this fragmentation, the note proves divided in three more general sections: food, “High Tea”, and wine. Neiman then describes…

Note on Food
This note from LeRoy Neiman provides an fragmentary, aesthetic portrait of french haute cuisine. The writing begins with a comment on black truffles, followed by brief biography of Jean Banchet. The artist’s then closes the document with a nod to the…

Note on Food
This note from LeRoy Neiman looks at the position of food in leisure culture. The document itself is comprised of a variety of fragmented images from elite settings (e.g. “your food is being plated as hurried to the table”, “Well healed older men of…

Note on Food
This note from LeRoy Neiman looks at staff in the restaurant industry. The tacit list is peppered with a variety of aesthetic comments (e.g. hand sewn buttons - Check trousers - kerchief / Toque name on jacket) and poetic turns of phrase (i.e. “You…

Note on Food
This note (written on top the title page of Cam Sigler’s Guide to Fly Fishing, from 1997) provides a playful musing on fish, and more specifically fly fishing. The document is chock-full of pseudo-cerebral sayings such as, “kiss a fish”, “think like…

Note on Food
This note on food from LeRoy Neiman explores the performative nature of fine dining. Furthermore, the through line of this poetic, fragmented writing seems to be the haute cuisine’s focus on timing. Neiman has ornamented the document with an…

Note on Food
This note from LeRoy Neiman (scrawled on the back of a notice for the elections of the Friar Club’s Board of Governors) gives a rundown of chefs' normative dress, in the form of a kind of quasi-checklist. This garb list includes, but is not limited…

Note on Food
This note from LeRoy Neiman looks at a selection of artists that took an aesthetic interest in food, or dining scenes. Among the artists listed are the french Jean-Baptiste Oudry, Paul Cézanne, Degas, and Monet, as well as one of Neiman’s personal…
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