LeRoy Neiman, Passes and Courtesy Cards

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LeRoy Neiman, Passes and Courtesy Cards


A selection of LeRoy Neiman's press passes and courtesy cards.


This collection features a selection of LeRoy Neiman’s club cards and press passes. A fan of travel and lover of sports, the artist was known for sketching at athletic events and cultural happenings. Neiman garnered public attention after recording the 1972 Work Chess Championship, Soviet Boris Spassky verses American Bobby Fischer, via sketch; Fischer had requested that all cameras be removed under the auspices the lens click was a distraction. This watershed moment increased Neiman’s already public presence, with ABC Sports taking notice. A ‘Sports Artist’ was born.

That said, the artist was no more interested in sports than he was in life, work, and leisure. These complimentary concerns are then disclosed by this collection. Press credentials for the 1984 Winter Olympics in Sarajevo are found alongside a set pass for Rocky IV. A New York Mets ID is grouped with a club card from the cradle of disco, Studio 54. And a courtesy card for Los Angeles mainstay Beverly Hills Hotel and Bungalows, the inspiration for Neiman’s Polo Lounge, is sorted with one from Upper East Side supper club, Tatou.


LeRoy Neiman


Regarding provenance, the documents originate from Neiman's personal estate, largely found in Neiman's in-home office at Hotel Des Artist on the Upper West Side in New York, New York. For further information on source, please contact the archivist at the LeRoy Neiman Foundation.


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Collection Items

Press Pass, NY Mets
This press pass for the NY Mets Baseball Club was issued to LeRoy Neiman, representing The National Enquirer; the card granted the artist access to Shea Stadium's field and dugout. Beyond these practicalities, the permit features a signature from the…

Press Pass, Super Bowl XXI
This press pass for 1987 Super Bowl XXI, featuring the Denver Broncos verses New York Giants at the Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena, California, granted LeRoy Neiman photojournalistic privileges. These rights are stipulated on reverse.

Press Passes, Super Bowl XXIII
These two press pass for 1989 Super Bowl XXIII, featuring the Cincinnati Bengals verses the San Francisco 49ers at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida, granted LeRoy Neiman and a companion photojournalistic privileges. These rights are…

Pass, Winter Olympics 1984
This pass for the 1984 Winter Olympic Games in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia, denotes LeRoy Neiman's position on the United States' Olympic Committee. These games were the first Winter Olympics hosted in communist state and the second Olympics overall. (The…

Pass, Rocky IV
This pass, allowing the artist on set for the 1985 filming of Rocky IV in Las Vegas, Nevada, was given to LeRoy Neiman for his cameo in the movie; Neiman appeared as a Ring Announcer. In addition, the artist-a friend of Sylvester Stallone-was…

Club Card, Beverly Hills Hotel
This club card for The Beverly Hills Hotel and Bungalow in Beverly Hills, California proves indicative of not only LeRoy Neiman's intimacy with the establilshment but also his interest in leisure culture and travel; this interest was first stoked by…

Club Card, Area
This courtesy card for Area, a nightclub on Houston Street in New York City operating from 1983 through 1987, proves demonstrative of LeRoy Neiman's interest in leisure and 1980s urban decadence. The venue, open Wednesday through Sunday 11pm through…

Club Card, Studio 54
This courtesy card for Studio 54, an infamous nightclub frequented by New York's haut monde, evidences LeRoy Neiman's interest in the leisure class. The venue - accredited as having a formative role in the development of disco - has a unique history:…

Club Card, Hard Rock Cafe
This courtesy card for Hard Rock Cafe attests to LeRoy Neiman's interests in travel and mass culture. The artist received his lifetime membership to the London-based franchise in 1988, before the chain had locations in Las Vegas, Paris, or Orlando.

Membership Card, MGM Grand Air
This membership card for MGM Grand Air, a VIP charter airline focused on small luxury flights, attests to LeRoy Neiman's interest in travel and the leisure class. The airline, founded in 1987, had a short run; with an increase of cheaper private…
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